K9 Brand Ambassadors

We'd love to take a moment to introduce the world to some of our closest friends that have become our family. When K9 originated in early 2020, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought it would become what it has today. These amazing women and their beautiful pups have helped mold K9 into the successful business it is. For this, I am forever humbled and grateful. Therefore, without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to our family! ♥


Pup: Winnie

Mom: Jessi

Breed: Corgi

Dogs' Age: 1.5

Home State: North Carolina

Favorite Pastime: Fetch

IG: @winniethesocalcorgi


Pup: Tucker

Mom: Kim

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dogs' Age: 4

Home State: New Jersey

Favorite Pastime: Hiking

IG: @goldenboytuck


Pup: Harvey

Mom: Jennie

Breed: Labradoodle

Dogs' Age: 4

Home State: California

Favorite Pastime: 

IG: @helperharvey



Pup: Phil

Owner: Kellie

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dogs' Age: 2.5

Home State: California

Favorite Pastime: Going to the beach!

IG: @philcollins_thegolden


Pups: Shadow & Bear

Mom: Sarah

Breed: Dutch Shepherd & GSD Mix, Wolfdog

Dogs' Age: Shadow 7, Bear 3

Home State: Wisconsin

Favorite Pastime: Shadow loves to play fetch on the beach and Bear loves to be chased by his brother!

IG: @adventuresofshadowandbearbear


Pups: Parker & Penny

Mom: Lauren

Breed: Cocker Spaniel & Corgi

Dogs' Age: 9 & 2

Home State: North Carolina

Favorite Pastime: 

IG: @parker.and.penny


Pups: Maggie & Charlie

Mom: Jessie

Breed: Golden Retriever Mix & Golden Retriever

Dogs' Age:

Home State: New Jersey

Favorite Pastime: 

IG: @thefloofyfamily


Pup: Leia

Mom: Julie

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dogs' Age: 2

Home State: Pennsylvania 

Favorite Pastime: Stealing Socks!

IG: @Leia.thegoldenretriever


Pup: Katsu

Mom: Jess

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Dogs' Age: 1

Home State: California 

Favorite Pastime: Playing fetch, hiking and skateboarding!

IG: @_katsu.the.corgi


Pup: Maya

Mom: Andrea

Breed: Schnauzer Mix

Dogs' Age: 2

Home State: Connecticut 

Favorite Pastime: Hiking and visiting breweries!

IG: @little_meez