Sizing Standard Collars and E-Collars:

Please be sure to measure your dogs current collar by viewing the photo below. Please note:

1. If measuring a side release buckle only include one end of the hardware in the measurement

2. If measuring a standard buckle collar please note that your dogs individual measurement is that of the dogs current collar hole. NOT THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE COLLAR.

3. If measuring for an e collar please make sure the collar is snug enough as your dog would normally wear their e-collar. 

4. K9 Kouture is not responsible for incorrect measurements. 

EXAMPLE BELOW: (note: only one end of the collar hardware is included in the measurement) THIS COLLAR MEASURES 13.75 INCHES



Measurement Instructions for Martingale Collars:


Step 1 - Measure Dog's Neck: Using a soft tape (seamstress tape) measure around your dog’s neck where their collar naturally sits. Pull the tape until it is snug but not too tight. Record your measurement.


If you do not have a soft tape, use a piece of string and measure around your dog’s neck using the above instructions. Take the string and lay it flat on a smooth surface and use a ruler or tape measure to obtain the measurement. 


Step 2 - Measure Dog's Head: If you are ordering a standard martingale (without a buckle) the collar will need to be large enough to fit the neck, but also large enough to fit over the head and ears. Using the same method from step 1, measure the head starting at the throat and going around the head, including the ears.


Record the measurements and input them into your order.