Swarovski Rhinestone Collar

All K9 gear is made-to-order, by hand

100% authentic Biothane material, a vegan leather that is waterproof, washable and odor-proof 

All crafted with genuine Swarovski crystals

Stocked Swarovski Colors: Crystal, Crystal AB, Jet, Rose Gold, Moonlight

**Please contact me to special order any other colors**

Rim Set Color Options: Silver, Gold, Black, Rose Gold

Swarovski designs listed are limited. Please contact me directly to make your custom piece if what you are looking for is not listed. 

Hardware Options: Silver, Gold, Matte Black & Rose Gold (+$5, specialty color for matte black and rose gold). All hardware is typically solid brass or plated solid brass. Matte black hardware is typically plated in a coating called PVD when at all possiblelse. PVD is a highly accurate plating process carried out in high vacuum environments at temperatures between 150 and 500 *C. It produces an extremely (emphasize EXTREMELY) durable finish to prevent scratching. Typically, black hardware that is found in the marketplace is not PVD, and is generally considered a black spray paint causing it to chip and scratch off within days. PVD plating is the process used to plate high end watch hardware, golf clubs, etc., and the only successful way to make a black that will not wear off. The PVD process is more intensive and is thus reflected in the price per piece.

Made with long lasting, quality products leaving you with a product that will last! 

** Please be advised, I try to bring you the best of both worlds; quality and luxury. Specialty colors are made to last but are not made to last forever under certain conditions. Please contact me within 7 days if there are any issues with your order **