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Size: 12"-14.5"  including receiver, 10"-12.5" not including receiver

Width: 3/4"

Hardware: Black

Quick Release Buckle: Black



Our bungee ECollars are designed to provide more flexion and versatility for long hours of constant collar wear. Our waterproof material makes for NO MORE STINKY STRAPS!

NOTE: Our Bungee E Collar Straps can not accomodate dogs smaller than 11.5". If your pup is smaller than 11.5" please reach out to me so we can find something to accomodate you. 

What is the purpose of the bungee ring?

The purpose of our bungee is to allow the collar to adapt to your dogs neck throughout all types of activity. Think of dogs necks' like pressure in a tire. When it’s hot outside the tire has more pressure in it (or it swells). When it’s cold out your check tire light is more likely to come on because the cold air shrinks the air molecules in the tire, causing it to deflate a little. Dogs necks are the same way with exertion. So when they exert themself their necks swell and the bungee offers flexion to accommodate for that change. 


  • All K9 gear is made-to-order, by hand
  • We have incorporated a bungee loop ring that provides added comfort while ensuring consistent contact!
  • A side release buckle for easy on and off!
  • 100% authentic Biothane material, a vegan leather that is waterproof, washable and odor-proof! 
  • Bungee constructed out of marine-grade bungee

Made with long lasting, quality products leaving you with a product that will last! 

** Please be advised, I try to bring you the best of both worlds; quality and luxury. Specialty colors are made to last but are not made to last forever under certain conditions. Please contact me within 7 days if there are any issues with your order **

**Please be sure to rotate your dogs collar every so often - just as you would their normal ECollar** 

***Our collars are not directly affiliated with Sit Means Sit, Invisible Fence or any other large corporation previewed in our photos. They are simply to show the versatility of our collars.***


K9 Kouture is not responsible for improper neck measurements of your K9. The best way to ensure proper measurements is to include a photo (as described) in your order below. We are also not responsible for chew damage of your new gear.

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